Power Clean Maids


Frequently Asked Questions

We love pets! As long as your pet is comfortable with us, he/she is free to roam. We want to ensure the safety of both your pets and our staff. If you think your pet may become overly anxious while we are there, please make temporary arrangements (such as the garage, a kennel, or a closed-off room) while we are in your home.

Please let us know 24 business-hours before your scheduled cleaning. It will help us plan the day in case your special request requires us to be in your home longer and also to make sure we bring necessary supplies, so we can be prepared. You can call, email or text us. If there are specific areas you wish us to avoid and not clean, please contact the office in advance and we are happy to comply. Please note, however, we do not clean items such as computers, areas containing bodily fluids or excretions, or litter boxes.

We do our best to keep the same team of two assigned to your home each visit except for special circumstances, vacations, and/or time-off requested by our staff. Occasionally a member of your team may be sick, in which case, we send a substitute. Since our teams are grouped of 2 or more, it should not affect your clean. At least one of your regular team members is sure to go to your home. We ask you to be understanding.

Team members are fully trained and ready to clean your home. Training continues as we learn about new products/methods and to reinforce prior training. Each team includes a team leader who verifies that cleaning tasks are thoroughly completed.

We bring our own products and vacuum cleaners. All you need to provide is trash bags and we require water and electricity. If you prefer we use special products, we will be happy to use them. Just set them on the kitchen counter for us. Please note: we are not liable for any damage caused by your choice of cleaners. For sanitary and hygienic purposes, it is preferable that clients utilize their own vacuum, microfiber mops, etc. However, if it is necessary, we can also bring those items for cleanings.

Tipping is not necessary, but with many service professionals, tipping is greatly appreciated and a nice way to show gratitude for a job well done. If you do elect to tip your maids for each cleaning, 10- 30% of your total charge is appropriate and it should be split between all cleaners. Even if you opt not to tip each time, you may want to include a tip in your check, during the holiday season. In either case, the tip is more of a “thank you” bonus.

Persons & companies who work “under the table” do so without thought of long term repercussions to either themselves or their customers. They charge less because they are not paying taxes, medical, workman’s comp, insurance, and social security into the system. When something goes wrong, these workers will often disappear without a trace. You the customer have a responsibility in making sure that you check to see if those who offer to work for you are legitimate. Protect your home and family: work with insured professionals!

While we always take great care while cleaning your home, accidents do happen. Our teams are trained to report all damage to the office immediately, and we will contact you to discuss repairs, replacement, or reimbursement. We are insured and a copy of our insurance policy is available upon your request. Our staff is trained to work thoroughly and carefully but accidents can happen on even the best cleaning teams. Therefore, we encourage you to put away any valuables or heirlooms to avoid mishaps. Items that are typically excluded from coverage include but not limited to; cash, jewelry, art, antiques, and electronics. If you have any irreplaceable collectable or expensive objects, we ask that those items be properly secured or put away in order to avoid accidents, or loss of those items.