[OLD] Commercial Cleaning

Cost of Services:

Power Clean Maids believes that our pricing should be just as unique as our client’s business spaces. Every cleaning quote is tailored according to the details of your business and focused on your particular cleaning needs. During your free estimate, we will determine the specifics along with the cleaning schedule that best suits your business needs.

What to Expect:

• We will discuss what you feel your current cleaning needs are and also what’s to be expected from a commercial cleaning with Power Clean Maids.

• All the areas to be cleaned in your business space will be measured by Square-footage. (Current floor plans with measurements are appreciated)

• You will be quoted a price for services and given the option to select a date and time for when you would like the cleaning service to commence!

Standard Commercial Cleaning Tasks:

**All tasks are subject and customized to client’s selected cleaning schedule**

Office Cleaning:

Daily Office/Lobby/Reception Area Cleaning:

• Vacuum Daily Debris from All Floor Areas
• Empty Waste Bins– Wash and Add New Liners as Needed
• Wipe Down all Glass Areas
• Damp-Wipe and Disinfect Hard Surfaces
• Clean Walls and Painted Surfaces as Needed
• Wipe Down Door Handles, Light Switches and Baseboards

Daily Restroom and Break Room Cleaning:

• Empty Waste Bins– Wash and Add New Liners as Needed
• Wipe Down and Sanitize All Hard Surfaces
• Sanitize and Clean All Basins, Toilets, Doors and Fixtures in Restroom
• Refill Soap Dispensers
• Wipe Down All Reflective Surfaces Including Mirrors, Brass and Glass
• Disinfectant All Surfaces Including Toilets, Doors, Sinks and Appliances

Weekly Cleaning Tasks:

• Clean Glass Windows Inside and Out (as practical)
• Empty Refrigerator of All Employee Brought Food Along with Cleaning and Disinfecting
• Empty and Disinfect All Trash Receptacles, Add New Liners

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